Player to speed up, slow down,
or download video and audio 
from your favorite websites. 


You can understand speech at a much faster pace than it is spoken,
So take advantage, speed up playback, and optimize your time.
Download media for offline viewing and play it anytime!


Access media using a built-in Web browser, iPod library, apps like Mail and DropBox, or transfer to & from your computer via WiFi and iTunes file sharing.


Play local or Web media at .25x - 2x the normal playback speed while maintaining pitch. Speed up to save time or slow down to grasp complicated topics.


Download video & audio from your favorite websites for offline playback. You won’t have to be tied to an internet connection to enjoy great online content.


Add multiple bookmarks & notes. You can jump between them or export them via email. Make it easy for yourself to find those key moments when you need them.


Play History keeps track of all the files you've played. Downloaded files even revert back to links when you delete them, so you can always have access to your history.


Content Played & Time Saved tracks your valuable time. Will you play twice as much in the same amount of time, or play the same in half the time?

You can even use a Bluetooth device that doesn’t normally support media playback*

*Many Bluetooth devices support phone calls (HFP 1.5) but not media playback (A2DP). With Swift, you can use them.
Swift currently supports the same file formats that the native iOS player does.
Available for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. iOS 5.0+