• Step 1: Record

    • Record in the background.
    • Real time audio wave lets you visualize what you're recording.
    • Adjustable mic sensitivity lets you record from further away, or avoid clipping of loud audio, resulting in the best possible recording.
    • Script view lets you have notes in front of you while recording.
    • Auto save makes sure you never loose a recording if you close out by mistake.
    • Tip Flip the device 180deg to have the mic on top.
  • Step 1b: Import

    • You can import any audio file from other apps like Mail, DropBox, etc, using their 'open with...' menu.
    • You can import any audio file via WiFi over the same local network.
    • You can import any audio file via iTunes File Sharing. Simply copy the file to the app and it will recognize it next time you open the app.
    • Tip You can even import some video formats like mp4 and it will extract the audio for you.
  • Step 2: Cut

    • Zoom in/out of the waveform for precise selections using pinch gestures.
    • Play the selected snippet or the entire recording.
    • Tip Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning.
    • Tip Press and hold the wave if you don't want it to scroll while playing.
  • Step 3: Arrange

    • Use snippets from multiple recordings.
    • AAdd pauses, rearrange, duplicate, or delete any snippet.
    • Fine tune snippet selection without leaving the screen.
    • Tip Double tap Play/Pause to start from beginning.
    • Tip Rotate the device 90deg to get a Soundboard view — play your snippets by tapping around.
  • Step 4: Share

    • Share your snippets, arrangement, or just the recording.
    • Email as an attachment as a WAV or M4A. Up to 90 min for M4A.
    • Use WiFi to download from your computer's browser.
    • Post on your Facebook wall.
    • Tweet it to the world.
    • Use USB using iTunes File Sharing.
    • Open With any other app that supports it. (ex: DropBox, G Drive, FTP apps, Music Apps, etc)
    • Tip You can copy/paste twitter’s share link to send it some other way.
  • Requirements

    • iPhone or iPod Touch with 4.3 firmware or later.
    • Note Due to iPhone limitations, you can't record during a phone call.


There are other fun things you can do, like beatboxing using different snippets.


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